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Skin Cancer, Mole Removal, and Reconstruction on the Face and Neck
in Chicago

Dr. Dixon specializes in treatments that are both aesthetic and health-related. While dermatologists are commonly associated with the removal of skin cancer or moles, Dr. Dixon is specially trained to perform not only those potentially life-saving procedures, but to do so with cosmetics in mind, making sure your skin recovers as beautifully as possible after the procedure.

Dr. Dixon can completely remove skin cancers or problem moles and expertly repair your skin in the same office. Should facial or neck reconstruction be necessary, his expertise covers this area as well, and he’ll talk you through any necessary or recommended procedures before you begin.

While some treatments are delicate in nature, they are typically low key for the patients themselves. Dr. Dixon performs treatments in his office in Chicago, where patients are given local anaesthesia. His skilled work in both the removal of the problem skin or mole is matched only by his expertise in restoration and reconstruction, making sure the aesthetics of your face and neck are untarnished, and possibly improved.